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Bombay based manufacturer, supplier and exporter of chemical products like buffer and reagent tablets, litmus paper strips, chemical indicating reagents, pH test strips and heat-proofing/waterproofing compounds.

About Us

Technology, innovation and proficiency are the driving features behind this Bombay based manufacturer, supplier and exporter success. At BBR Chemocraft, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying a wide series of chemical products such as buffer and reagent tablets, water and heatproofing compounds, litmus paper strips, chemical indicating reagents, pH test strips, chemical waterproofing formulations of superb quality, etc. at cost effective prices.

Established in 1975, we have earned a reputable position in this sphere as the most reliable manufacturer and exporter of chemical indicators, pH test papers, buffer tablets, reagent tablets, waterproofing and heatproofing compounds, which are suitable for various industries. We have a worldwide presence including Thailand, Germany and Philippines with an import and export volume of 25% and 50% respectively. Within a very short span of time, we have progressed rapidly, because of our high quality products and services.

Product Galore
  • Chemical Indicators/pH Indicators: These include halochromic chemical compounds, which are added to small amounts in test solutions. These indicators are used in analytical chemistry and biology experiments for determining the extent of chemical reaction. We present natural as well as synthetic chemical indicators used in various applications like fertilizing of lawns, agriculture, etc.
  • Buffer Tablets or Reagent Tablets: Made of high quality chemicals that give reliable results, buffer tablets are used for the calibration of pH meters and reagent tablets are used for chemical testing
  • pH Test Papers (wide and narrow range): These are absorptive cellulose papers saturated with acid and alkaline indicators and are used for quick determination of pH values by dipping in a test solution
  • Waterproofing Compounds: Various grades of waterproofing compounds that can be used for different kinds of construction applications
  • Heatproofing Compounds: Water-based coatings that are tough, flexible and chemical resistant with outstanding fire retardant properties, suitable for internal and external applications in the textile sector and industries manufacturing construction material.   

Infrastructural Set-up

Infrastructure plays an essential role in successful running of a company. We are backed by strong team of workers and experts, assisting in the production of industrial and construction chemicals. Our R&D team, marketing dept., quality controllers coupled with advanced technology support our manufacturing procedure.

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Our chief goal is customer satisfaction and for attaining it we pay special attention while manufacturing the chemical products and chemical solutions. Our quality checkers inspect the product range by the help of modern technology before supplying the final product in the local as well as international market. Because of our long and vast experience in manufacturing and exporting high quality products, we have got success in establishing life long relationship with our esteemed clients.


Our chemical products are highly in demand in the market. Our manufactured product range is running successfully in several industries like aqua and poultry farms, hospitals, clinical labs, nursing homes and laboratory solutions for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food processing, cement, dyes and pigments, oil and gas, fertilizers, textiles, research laboratories, metallurgy and the construction industry.